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Do you want to be great?  Do you want to be able to set yourself apart from 99% of the employees in your industry?  Do you want to go to work, knowing you’re the best you can be at customer service?

If so, you need to ask yourself one question:  “Am I Great at Customer Service?”

The book you’re holding showcases the 25 qualities of people who are great at customer service – not just good, but GREAT!

You’ll learn about the attitudes of the customer service stars.  You’ll learn what techniques they use when in front of the customer.  And you’ll learn what they do to shine even when the customer’s not around.

Each chapter describes a characteristic of greatness, incorporating funny, interesting, and thought-provoking stories that illustrate the point.

And each chapter ends with the opportunity for you to think about…well, YOU!

In the end, you’ll learn specifically what you need to do to become GREAT at customer service!